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“More Crops – Less Water”

Aquagrain is a unique, organic-based, biodegradable soil improver which can absorb up to 30 times its mass in water, enabling crops to grow in arid lands and free-draining substrates, using a fraction of the water normally required.

Our global population is forecast to exceed 9 billion by 2035, increasing the demand for food, water, land and energy.

According to the United Nations, 41.3% of the earth’s land surface are “drylands” nearly 61 billion hectares of land mass. Climate change and population growth are creating severe water stress, and currently 24% of the land is degrading. Eventually this land will become desert. In addition 12 million hectares of land a year are lost to creeping desertification around the world.

Aquagrain can make a difference by helping farmers grow more crops on arid, dry, sandy soils using less water.

A high-tech solution with a low tech application

Climate change is generating significant challenges. A reduction in suitable crop growing land and a reduction of clean water is intensifying that problem. The effects of climate change are stunting the growth of vital staple crops across the globe. Current predictions are that crop production will be 20% lower by 2050, but the population will rise by 25%.

In order to feed the growing population, it is crucial that the carbon footprint of the agriculture sector is curbed. Crops will be required to flourish, with less water and new growing systems and environments will need to be utilised, including making sandy soils productive.

Although high-tech in manufacture, Aquagrain is a low cost, low-tech solution to arid land growing. Aquagrain is simple to use, requiring no specialist equipment or training. Aquagrain works in harmony with regenerative farming systems. It can help agriculture, horticultlture, forestry, landscaping and ornamental growing, and could do much to halt the creep of desertification and deforestation.